2008 Healing Testimonies

October 2008

Cloudy right eye and pain, cleared this night.
                                                                    Dorothy B.
                                                                    Anchorage, AK

I had a hard time breathing; now I can breathe easier.
                                                                    Maxine F.
                                                                    Anchorage, AK

Fear in my line of work -- God gave me joy!
My back hurts, also my knees -- My back started to "pop" and it feels better!  I know God will heal me!
                                                                    Milton C.
                                                                    Anchorage, AK

I have Lyme's disease which causes:  *Thyroid damage; *Adrenal gland damage, *Fibromyalgia, etc.  I am on 5 medications and several therapies.  I received my healing, felt God's presence.  I expect major changes and will contact you with updates.
                                                                    Kim R.
                                                                    Anchorage, AK

I was in bondage of gambling.  I felt the liberty lifted in the morning service.  I had migraine headaches for two weeks and I am believing this will go away.  I have also had pain in both my knees and I do not feel the pain.  I was healed from Hepatitis C; I had gone through chemo-therapy and today I do not have the virus!  Hallelujah!
                                                                    Juanita S.
                                                                    Anchorage, AK

Frozen Shoulder -- loose of frozen position on right shoulder, twirling arm front and backwards.
                                                                    Toby S.
                                                                    Chugiak, AK

I've been feeling a little pressure on my left breast, here and there.  I believe in the healing.
                                                                    Maxine S.
                                                                    Anchorage, AK

Dim blurred vision and astigmatism.  Improved clarity.  Praise God!  Healing is mine!
                                                                    Candy M.
                                                                    Wasilla, AK

September 2008

Sore back for years.  During prayer, a relaxation and surge of energy in from head to toes and back up through head.  Flexibility is restored.  Thank You, God!
                                                                    Brent J.
                                                                    Helper, UT

Fibromyalgia.  I felt all the achiness go out of my body all the way down to the bottoms of my feet.  My lower back and legs and hands don't hurt.  I can have people touch me without it hurting me.  I can take a deep breath without pain.
                                                                    Sandy  J.
                                                                    Spring Glen, UT

Right side pain -- even into the back.  Laid on hands and got hot to  #5 at first, now 7.  Believe I have the whole healing.  Going to doctors to confirm.

I am healed of my cold and headaches!  Praise God!  
                                                                    Haley K.
                                                                    Albion, ID

My PCL  ligament was torn and I could not walk for long distances or run.  Once I was healed, I ran as fast as I could and there was no pain in my knee.  I am healed by God!                                                 
                                                                    Indiana J.
                                                                    Lehi, UT

I have a sprained ankle.  The pain lessened and expedited healing.
                                                                    Kathy P.
                                                                    Fairbanks, AK

Pain in my right ovary area.  I felt a presence come in and spread out through my limbs; pain in my side is gone.  I believe my immune system is repaired and healed.
                                                                    Harmony S.
                                                                    Fairbanks, AK

Pain in the right knee joint.  Pain in left foot bones, Achilles tendon, up the calf and into the knee.  Much, much better.  Thank You.
                                                                    Debbra H.
                                                                    North Pole, AK

Problem:  Sinus infection, extreme congestion, ongoing for many years, joint pain, back pain, on and off.  
Healing:  Instant sinus relief.  Believing for no more joint pain.
                                                                    Lonnie T.
                                                                    Salcha, AK

The Lord touched my left shoulder and I believe in process of healing with relief of much of the pain.  Also, I experienced some change in ringing in my ears.
                                                                    Larry G.
                                                                    Rupert, ID

I was healed from pain and mental problems.
                                                                    Angelee S.
                                                                    Rupert, ID

Depression--restored my joy.
                                                                    Rhonda V.
                                                                    Fairbanks, AK

Basically I have forgiven and the one I have forgiven is evil and won't accept it and this makes me angry and I know God [don't] want me to be this way because I know I have done my part.  I just pray that God keep me strong and in His word and not let me fall back into the devil's world.
                                                                    Frances M.
                                                                    Fort Wainwright, AK

My healing came forth when I believed that God can and will allow me to walk in the anointing.
                                                                    CaLisha W.
                                                                    Fort Wainwright, AK

It made me realize that everything isn't as hard as I make it, to just believe in faith and everything would come through by the grace of God.  Thank You, Jesus, for letting me surrender.
                                                                    Brittney D.
                                                                    Fort Wainwright, AK

Spirit of fear.  Freed to walk and live in Him.
                                                                    Fairbanks, AK

Lower back, 2 discs (L4, L5).  Neck, stomach ulcers.  I received God's healing here and now.  Thank You, Jesus.  The pain in my lower back has lessened; I am healed in the name of Jesus.   Thank You!
                                                                    Roberta J.
                                                                    Rupert, ID

I believe that God has healed me of my disease and pain.
                                                                    Renea W.
                                                                    Fairbanks, AK

I had arthritis in my back and a bad right knee.  I couldn't stand long before they hurt.  Now they only ache off and on and I don't have a limp anymore.  Thank You, God!
                                                                    Tamara J.
                                                                    Fairbanks, AK

(Crystal with) a word of knowledge called for someone with asthma.  I responded and felt the power of God sweeping over me.  I am healed of asthma.
                                                                    Ralph H.
                                                                    North Pole, AK

My right eye was not picking up images clearly and I couldn't even read the first letter on the eye chart at the doctor's office.  I have a restriction on my driver's license because of it.  After I was prayed for I felt a power go through my body and as I laid on the floor, I felt electricity going across my eyes and around my head.  Crystal had me read out of her Bible and I saw the numbers 4, 3 and 2.  She prayed again and then I saw the letters.  I am believing for total healing and I will be telling you about it, too.  Thank You, Jesus!
                                                                     Dena H.
                                                                    North Pole, AK

I had problems with my back and my eye.  With a word of knowledge, I was able to bend over and am believing to see out of my glass eye.
                                                                    Michel R.
                                                                    North Pole, AK

No pain in my head or sinus or stomach.
                                                                    Nicole R.                
                                                                    Rupert, ID

I am claiming and received healing from my asthma from a "word of knowledge."  God used you.  Thanks for being His servant.
                                                                    Jane S.
                                                                    Rupert, ID

I had back pains and shoulder pains and now I can move in ways I haven't been able to in years.  Thank You, Jesus.
                                                                    Barbara S.
                                                                    Rupert, ID

I have had ringing in the ears occasionally but now I am healed!
                                                                    Juanita Z.
                                                                    Rupert, ID

I had pain in my back and my kidney.  After my healing, my pain was 4/10!  Thank You!
                                                                    Gina M.
                                                                    Rupert, ID

I was healed tonight!  Spirit of depression, spirit of fear, spirit of addiction, spirit of death, spirit of respiratory infection, spirit of broken heart, forgiveness to myself, fresh anointing of love and joy.  Thank You, Jesus!
                                                                    Heather B.

My collar bone (word of knowledge called out) was healed!  In Jesus' name.  Was delivered from generation ties -- anointed.  Experienced a big "release" and filled with peace and freedom in Jesus' name.  Thank You, Jesus.  Bless His holy name!
                                                                    Lenis A.
                                                                    Murray, UT

I have been healed tonight!  From the spirit of infirmity, the spirit of worry, the spirit of depression, the spirit of fear, they are gone by the Holy Spirit, my Lord, Savior, Jesus Christ.  Thank You, Jesus. 
                                                                    Lauren W.

The Lord has blessed me witha "very strong back."  When I was a sophomore in hight school, I noticed I had well-developed arms but had a lack of pectorals.  I figured I was not standing right, so I pulled my shoulders back and kept them there always, even to the point that I didn't even think about it any more.  Lately, the Lord has been teaching me to stand as I should.  Tonight, Crystal said the Lord was showering us with blessings.  So I asked the Lord what He was showering on me.  I heard, "A healed back."  Then He asked, "Do you want just a healed back or a strong back?"  So I said, "I accept a strong back.  I accept a very strong back."  And I'm holding on to it!
                                                                    Robert G.
                                                                    Payson, UT

I've been a diabetic for some 20 years, since I was 8 months old.  I believe that I will never have to depend on medication created by man.
                                                                    Michelle G.
                                                                    Payson, UT

I don't feel the pain in my knee that I've had for four years. Or the pain in my wrist that I've had for six years.
                                                                    Sam L.
                                                                    Payson, UT

My hearing was bad and I received a healing in my ears.  I also received a healing in my legs because of your word of knowledge.
                                                                    Chris R.
                                                                    North Pole, AK

Sister Crystal received the word of knowledge of right shoulder pain and I knew it was for me.  I've had stabbing pain in my right shoulder for a few weeks.  I received and accepted the healing and I can rotate my right shoulder.  Thank You, precious Lord, Jesus.
                                                                    Robyn M.
                                                                    Rupert, ID

Had shoulder pain from a car accident.  The pain is gone!
                                                                    Vanessa L.
                                                                    Draper, UT

Crystal called out breathing problems, then she said "Asthma."  I had a chronic cough the doctors diagnosed as asthma.  Normally when I fall out under the power of God, I laugh but then cough.  Tonight I received and there was no coughing.
                                                                   Lisa F.
                                                                    North Pole, AK

My sinus congestion is much better; my asthma is gone!
                                                                    Diane Urban
                                                                    North Pole, AK

My left foot was hurting, hard to walk and stand on.  While the evangelist was speaking, I felt a pop in my ankle.  The day before I could not even exercise on it.   After she prayed for me, I ran barefoot around the church.  I am healed and I'm not having it anymore in the name of Jesus!
                                                                    Gwendolyn S.
                                                                    Fort Wainwright, AK

Before tonight my mind and body were in total pain.  When my husband and I sat down, I did not think I could stay because of the pain.  When I hear the words from God, that you delivered, all pain disappeared from my feet, legs, back, arms and head/neck.  Thank God.
                                                                    Lavada N.
                                                                    Fairbanks, AK

When standing for over 10 minutes, my lower back on the right side would hurt tremendously.  Tonight, in the healing service after standing for about 15 minutes, the pain started.  By the time I was prayed for, I was in terrible pain (10 points).  After prayer I was at 5 pts.  Later, I was at 8 pts.  Finally I was pain free.
                                                                    LaJuana W.
                                                                    Fairbanks, AK

I had back problems.  Tonight the pain was removed.
                                                                    Johnny N.
                                                                    Fairbanks, AK

Interstitial cystitis and bowel syndrome.  Back pain gone.
                                                                    Alice Jensen
                                                                    Meridian, UT

Osteoporosis:  I had no joints in my legs, hips, ankles.  I'm healed completely.  No pain
                                                                    Esther O.
                                                                    American Falls, ID

Three surgeries on my ankle.  Still pain.  After prayer I was able to move my ankle the same as the one that was never hurt.
                                                                    Jill J.
                                                                    Lehi, UT

I was struggling with fatigue.  No matter how much sleep I got, I would always wake up feeling exhausted and feel drugged-out throughout the day.  As soon as I was prayed for, I was overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord.  I feel more awake and alert now than I have in weeks!
                                                                    Connie P.
                                                                    North Pole, AK

Spirit of apathy fighting me 24-7 and generational curses broken.  God called me and promised me and shoed me deep things.  I've been fought by the enemy and the church as well, 'til I gave up 8-10 years ago.  BUT GOD....has never given up on me and continued His love and promises and has picked me up and has carried me and is restoring me to health.  Thank You, Jesus!!!!!
                                                                    Pastor Bill L.
                                                                    North Pole, AK

I'm believing for healing from irritable bowel syndrome and also pain in back, ankles and feet.  I had been suffering for many years with these things and I am claiming my healing as bread from my Father and I will protect it and keep it until Jesus returns.
                                                                    Patti S.
                                                                    Payson, UT
August 2008

 My son and I are domestic violence victims.  God took the demon of fear out of me.
                                                                    Crystal C.
                                                                    Lakewood, WA 

July 2008

Reduced hearing in the right ear...100% improved.  Praise God!
                                                                    Susan T.
                                                                    Cape Coral, FL

Pain in the shoulder now gone.  Arthritis pain in the hands now gone.
                                                                    Placida T.
                                                                    Cape Coral, FL

I have heart trouble and I was having shocking pain and couldn't walk very good; get short of breath.  Now I have no pain and I could walk without not getting short of breath.  Thank You, Lord.
                                                                    Michelle F.
                                                                    Lehigh Acres, FL

Baby Aryanna's left foot straightened out.  At birth it was turned in and they wanted to break it, but with prayer and belief we believe for a miracle.  She can actually stand on it.  Thank You, God.
                                                                    Anita A.

Right shoulder torn muscles.  Could not lift -- I'm lifting both arms praising God!  Surrendering pride -- I don't cry.  I cried.
                                                                    Bill M.
                                                                    Bokeelia, FL

My right shoulder needed a "reverse shoulder replacement."  I lived with beyond severe pain and now Jesus healed my shoulder completely.
                                                                    Zack Z.
                                                                    Cape Coral, FL

After a man broke into my home, I had been extremely fearful.  I had trouble sleeping, walking up my driveway or even being home alone in the middle of the day.  The Lord gave me a word through a sister.  Then during the service, He came over me and granted me peace.  He simply fell upon me.  I am healed.   I will not be afraid.  Amen
                                                                    Sierra K.
                                                                    Granite City, IL

As Crystal was praying for backs, I immediately felt the power of God and I was healed.  Turned down to my right to check and there was no pain!  Praise God!
                                                                    Travis M.
                                                                    Wood River, IL

I had problems with neck and back numbness in right arm and pain in the left arm and ribs, my left lung felt like it was bruised and hard to breathe.  God healed all and I'm not having it!
                                                                    James C.
                                                                    Granite City, IL                           

June 2008

I had a hand, foot, mouth disease.  Hands feet and in mouth of blisters.  When I was healed the blisters have disappeared from my mouth and hands.
                                                                    Nicole K.
                                                                    Eau Claire, WI

I got healed from stomach problems.  I can eat, praise the Lord!  Also got healed from a sinus problem.  I can smell, praise the Lord!  Thank You, Jesus!
                                                                    Amanda S.
                                                                    Spooner, WI

Alyssa was not able to see from a far distance.  The doc said she needed glasses.  Bad one eye was a little worse than the other, but now no problem at all.
                                                                    Alyssa C.
                                                                    Westland, MI

God has helped me get my hearing back tonight.
                                                                    Thomas Pape
                                                                    Wayne, MI
May 2008

I had fibromyalgia, which can be very painful at times.  The most frequent problem is stiffening after sitting for 10-more minutes.  Tonight I did not even get stiff when standing after sitting for 10 or more minutes, to receive a blessing and healing, no stiffness at all after receiving healing.
                                                                    Andrea R.
                                                                    Elmira, NY

I came with lower back pain.  After I was prayed for, my back pain decreased 50%.  I was having a hard time believing in miracles, because I have never seen a tangible miracle.  I know they exist and I believe Jesus heals.  Now I believe.  Thank You, Jesus.
                                                                    Kathleen W.
                                                                    Elmira NY

Pain, tension, numbness in my neck/shoulder area are gone!
                                                                    Tracy Mist
                                                                    Elmira, NY 

I have been suffering from lower back problems and God healed me.  Praise the Lord!
                                                                    Rod Spencer
                                                                    Odessa, NY

Really bad stomach pain on and off for a year.  Doctors said symptoms of Crohn's disease.  Also polyps that could cause cancer.  But I believe God has freed me completely.  I felt such an awesome presence of God and felt Him touch me and I believe I am completely healed!  Amen!  Thank You, Jesus!
                                                                    April W.
                                                                    Elmira, NY

Fell and hurt shoulder and could not lift arm very high.  Now I can lift it all the way up.
                                                                    Helge B.
                                                                    Pleasant Mountain, PA

Shoulder mobility healed after fall six months ago.
                                                                    David B.
                                                                    Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

I have ovarian cancer.  I had pains in my abdomen for three days and it's gone after my healing thru Crystal.  I believe God has blessed me and brought me to this spiritual healing service....
                                                                    Maray C.
                                                                    Hortonville, NY

April 2008

Hearing in both ears went from 65% to 90% immediately.
                                                                    Thomas M.
                                                                    Romulus, MI

While praying, God told me, "Do you want your eyes healed?"  I said, "Yes."  I didn't even think about my eyes, but now I can read and see without [them] 20/20, I know.
                                                                    Mary T.
                                                                    Melvindale, MI

I had diabetes (Key word:  "Had").  When Crystal was praying for me, I felt God shower an electrify energy thru my veins.  There was a lot of energy and warmth flowing thru my body.  Then I felt a confirmation in my spirit of God healing me for His purpose.
                                                                    Tony B.
                                                                    Farmington, MI

My ear is healed.  Sciatic nerve pain healed.  Eyes are clear sight.
                                                                    Gail H.
                                                                    Riverview, MI 

March 2008



My voice was broken when I spoke. It is stronger now and I am healed in Jesus name. 
                                                                   Diane R.
                                                                   Salem, OR


My left shoulder has caused me pain for the last couple of years. I could not raise my arm more
than about ¾ of the way up. Now I can raise my arm almost fully over my head and there is no
                                                                    Monte B.
                                                                    Keizer, OR


Throat cancer, kidney problem. Relief in throat and less kidney pain.                                                                               
                                                                    Espenanza C.
                                                                     Keizer, OR


Problem with eyes and legs. God has healed my eye sight and my legs.
                                                                    Ana G.
                                                                    Gervais, OR


I had a stiff neck and could only turn it a little. It was painful. But the pain is gone and it is healed. 
                                                                    Ruby M.
                                                                    Silverton, OR


Encouragement to brace up and have faith... things are getting better and  [I] am not as alone. 
[I] am reaching out and asking and believing God will bless everyone's life.  So grateful for new
                                                                    Sally E.
                                                                    Lebanon, OR


I had an accident in December 2003. The bottom of my right foot was crushed. My Pastor George
Guntermann had prayer and the Holy Spirit revealed that someone would come to the Lord and
my foot would be healed. I can now run and move my ankle from side to side. This could not be
done before. Thank you Lord. 
                                                                     Charlotte S.
                                                                    Sheridan, OR


Healing of left arm and of diabetes. 
                                                                    Virgil S.
                                                                     Sheridan, OR


Got healed from Bi-polar illness and flu. 
                                                                    Paul M.
                                                                    NW Salem, OR


Today I am healed by his stripes. Our guest speaker was used by the Lord Jesus to open my eyes
to the truth about healing and faith. The pain in my feet and legs due to neuropathy is fading
surely. I know that I know I am being healed wholly slowly but surely by Jesus. Thank You.
                                                                    Ruben L.
                                                                    Salem, OR   


Three years ago severe car accident. Doctors said I had several discs bulging and numbing in toes.
 I believe I have been healed by God's healing power and no more numbness in toe. 
                                                                    Leta L.
                                                                    Salem, OR


I was afflicted with a muscle spasm in my neck. As Crystal [spoke] about a neck healing I received
it and it's gone. Five minutes later the devil tried to bring it back and I spake by His stripes I am
healed. Go away now and it went.               
                                                                    Pastor George C.
                                                                     Salem, OR

The doctor diagnosed disc degeneration. I was healed today and all the pain is gone. Praise
God. You are both awesome. 
                                                                    Lorraine P.                                                                     
                                                                    Salem, OR

 Depression is gone. Gladness and confidence has replaced all negativity.                                                    Pamela D.
                                                                    Scottsdale, AZ

[Healed of ] angina and heart valve problems.
                                                                    Rusty W.
                                                                     Mesa, AZ


Born with no ear drum in left ear, and was healed this night. The doctor told me that there was
not a man on earth that could heal my ear.                                                                                   
                                                                    Phyllis B.
                                                                     Prescott, AZ


 A new song in my heart. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I just believed! 
                                                                    K. H.
                                                                     Prescott, AZ


Thumb, eyes, and left foot [healed]              
                                                                     Phyllis B.
                                                                     Prescott, AZ


I have felt depressed and persecuted from without. Afflicted with others, pains and illness. But I
have been prayed over time and there is considerable improvement, with major improvement
                                                                    J. Michael B.
                                                                     Prescott, AZ


I have suffered from cluster migraines all my adult life. I believe I have been freed by the power
of Christ today. 
                                                                     Jim B.
                                                                     Prescott, AZ


I had back and hip pain but they both started to go away!
                                                                    Daniel C.
                                                                     Prescott, AZ


I couldn't hear out of my left ear, and I was healed by the grace and power of our Lord
Jesus Christ. 
                                                                    Arthur R.
                                                                     Prescott, AZ


Cancer, back, tongue, viral infection-systemic,chronic fatigue, thyroid, digestive, sick for 30
years.  Easter Sunday grabbed healing, I will stand everyday till I see it completed! 
                                                                    Pamela O.
                                                                     Prescott, AZ


I believe God has healed me of mental problems (depression and anxiety and other issues).
It was given as a word of knowledge.
                                                                    Anthem, AZ

My hip and arm was hurting with inflammation. After prayer I felt better. Much better! 
                                                                    Karlene W.
                                                                    Anthem, AZ


Hot flashes, I believe God will heal this chronic problem and give me peaceful sleep. 
                                                                    Vicki S.
                                                                    Prescott, AZ

I had arthritis and now I don't. Praise the Lord.
                                                                    Karen F.
                                                                    Prescott, AZ


God took the popping in the wrist away and my depression.
                                                                    Billy A.
                                                                    Prescott, AZ

I received healing in eyes -- 20-20 vision.   
                                                                    David J.
                                                                    Prescott, AZ


Crystal prayed for my eyes for 20/20 vision. I felt the anointing in a powerful way as I read my
Bible I noticed much improvement and could read where before I needed my bifocal glasses.
I believe my vision will continue to improve as I continue to believe. Thank you Jesus for this
                                                                    Trudy C.
                                                                     Prescott, AZ


Bad eyesight. Now I can see more progressively.
                                                                    Reneva C.
                                                                    Prescott, AZ

February 2008


 I've had a sharp pain in my knee on and off for awhile, but now my knee is pain free in the name of
 Jesus.  And I won't take it back by his stripes I am healed. 
                                                                   Brent A.
                                                                   Murray, UT

Neck loosed. Eyes could literally feel the heaviness of the astigmatism in left eye and it is gone!
I stopped wearing my glasses years ago because I started feeling like I was being
confined and knew at that time God would heal my eyes! 
                                                                   Lenis A.
                                                                   Murray, UT

 Digestive problems felt things move or shift during the ministering of the word and I am taking
my healing in Jesus name now and forever Amen! Also felt the release of the blessing of
boldness on another onto me! 
                                                                   Lenis A.
                                                                   Murray, UT

 Healed from crown of my head to tip of my toes! I receive it!  Glory to God.
                                                                   Lenis A.
                                                                   Murray, UT


Brian healed from back pain.

Sheri healed of fibromyalgia 
                                                                   Brian & Sheri A.
                                                                   Levan, UT

Came in with pneumonia medicine not working, couldn't breath well, body aches. When
prayed upon could breathe well and body not aching. Thank you Jesus.

                                                                   Shanda B.
                                                                   Springfork, UT


 My rash is healed and I can bend my hand without pain!
                                                                   Lilly B.
                                                                   Smithfield, UT

My menstrual cycle was not coming and had not come for almost a year. And Jesus has healed
me, will let my body, mind, and soul work together and by His stripes I am healed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
                                                                   Bethnie B. 
                                                                   Salt Lake City, UT 

I've had a headache and as we had God rain His love on our group I felt his sunshine through the
rain and wash the headache away. I love his rain storms!                                                                   Cindy C.
                                                                   Murray, UT

I had planter's wart, but no more, through Jesus, I am healed!

                                                                   Richard C.
                                                                   West Jordan, UT 

Richard was healed on his leg.  Tiffany was healed on her back and heart.                                                                   Richard C.
                                                                   Tiffany C.
                                                                   Jordan, UT                             

My neck sends tingling down my left shoulder and arm. It is so much better. My lungs were
damaged from second hand smoke. I have to be active to know, but I am completely believing
they are healed. My eyes are both farsighted with astigmatism and first stages of cataracts and
a floater. They are better in Jesus name. I believe with all of my heart that I am healed by the
Lord's stripes. Thank you Jesus.

                                                                   Jackie E.
                                                                   Taylorsville, UT

Healed from lower back lumbar disc damage.  Jackie healed foot of plantar fasciitis.                                                                      
                                                                     Jackie E.
                                                                    Ron E.
                                                                    Taylorsville, UT

I have endometreosis and I have not been able to conceive a child. I believe God has healed me
and I soon will be a mother. Praise the Lord. Thank you. 
                                                                    Christina E.
                                                                    Orem, UT 

Friend of God. Blessed with baptism of Holy Ghost. Given a new heart. Even the very heart of
                                                                    Robert H.
                                                                    Manti, UT

Neck, breathing, and eyes distance of vision and clarity.
                                                                    Alan J.
                                                                    Spring City, UT  

My knees were healed! I saw the illness leave my body. I saw the angels moving about the
room, ministering to the people. I saw Christ standing with you laying hands on each that
came to be healed. Thank you so much for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ that many
understand. You be blessed, that ye will be free to do his will.

                                                                   Sabrina L. 
                                                                   Lewiston, UT

One third of my stomach was herniated and up in my diaphragm. The pressure and pain is gone!

                                                                   Shannon M.
                                                                   South Weber, UT  

Every time my period comes around I start having the worst cramps. Cramps so strong they
put me on the floor in much pain. I believe God has healed me of all pain.

                                                                   Kristi M.
                                                                   South Weber, UT 

I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back and sitting was really hurting and bothering me and
it stopped hurting and I feel 20 years old again! Thank you Jesus. 
                                                                   Duane T.
                                                                   Spanish Fork, UT


Knee healed.
                                                                   Grover W.
                                                                   Orem, UT


Emotional healing.
                                                                   Jeni W.
                                                                   Pleasant Grove, UT 

When I gave testimony I stood in proxy for Carmen I was healed.  Crystal told me to get her
on the phone. Carmen reported she could now wiggle her toes that she had not been able to
do. That God is restoring His temple in her and she is healed in Jesus name! Praise the Lord,
thank You, Jesus.
                                                                    Kathy T.
                                                                   Salem, OR

I had hurt my baby toe and foot. All the pain is gone. Also the pain in my stomach and painful
sores are gone. Praise the Lord! When I came to the meeting tonight it hurt to walk, because of
bruised toes. I can walk now with no pain. Glory to God! 
                                                                   Victoria F.
                                                                   Keizer, OR

Healing chest wall and gall bladder, no pain. God has changed my life. 
                                                                   Yanina D. 
                                                                   La Grande, OR

I am healed of diabetes.  Affected kidney and liver because of medicine. It is all a thing of the past. 
                                                                    Jim E.
                                                                    Dallas OR.


I have been praying for sleep insomnia. I'm now healed by the blood of Jesus.
                                                                   Mark D.
                                                                   Island City, OR


God healed my rib and my shoulder. I'm believing [for] my health for my whole body! 
                                                                   Tanya S.               

                                                                   Salem, OR


I had large painful cysts on both breasts and the cysts were taken away tonight.
                                                                   Brenda B.
                                                                   Keizer, OR


January 2008

Ears - I yawned.  They popped and then I know a healing took place.  No more pain in the inner ear. 
Thank you Lord!
                                                                    Julie B.
                                                                    Pacific, MO

Pain in leg, hip, and feet from arthritis.  Pain is gone.
                                                                     Barbara H.
                                                                     Ballwin, MO

 I was healed of arthritis of the neck. Pain completely left. 
                                                                    Willard M.
                                                                    Maplewood, MO

I had 3 discs broken in back, God healed it. I can run today without huffing and puffing and cross
my legs like I use to and my stomach I was coughing up blood, but I'm healed.
                                                                    Kathryn T.
                                                                    Ferguson, MO