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Walter & Crystal Scott

In November, 1992, Crystal Scott, founder of His Wings Ministries, experienced major change in her life during a three-week revival held by a visiting evangelist in Anchorage, Alaska.

Before experiencing revival in her life, Crystal had a successful lucrative career as a System's Analyst with a major oil company in Alaska. She was active in her home church, ministered in Eskimo villages, prisons and hospitals, knocked on doors, and did all she knew to do as a part-time evangelist. The truth of the matter was that Crystal was burned out. A question that rolled over and over in her mind prior to revival was, "Is this all there is to Christianity.....always running, doing, being burned out...yet seeing little fruit?"

Her questions were answered while attending the above-mentioned revival meetings in Anchorage, Alaska. Crystal was initially very skeptical of these meetings as she'd never seen anything like this before. While the preacher was preaching, people were laughing, crying, and being touched by God all over the room. When God comes into a place, there will be a reaction. After 5 days of meetings, the Evangelist called her out and said, "You lady, with your Dakes Bible, get out in the aisle!" When she stepped out into the aisle, it seemed as if a wind from heaven met her and blew into her innermost being. As she lay there under the power of the Holy Spirit, she began to experience the presence of God in a wonderful new way. God began to show her that yes, there was indeed much more, much, much more that he had for her.

God gave her a command that day. He said, "You've been doing many things I've never called you to do. I want you to stop doing all of these things and make ME your first priority". As Crystal said "yes" to God, God began to work in her life and bring change. Over a period of six months God delivered Crystal from religiosity, tradition, and worldly desires. After this time the call of God began to surface in her life. It had always been there but had been repressed because of her career. God was now saying that it was time to go into the full- time ministry. With her husband's agreement Crystal resigned her full-time job in August, 1993 and began a full-time evangelistic ministry. At that time, she ministered in churches, prisons, hospitals, and Eskimo and Indian villages throughout Alaska.

In January, 1994, the fire of God fell on Crystal in a Florida church and as she began to run, the Spirit of God said to her, "As you're running in the natural right now, I want you to run with the Fires of Revival to the places I will send you. Go on the road". Within 5 months, Crystal, her husband, and two boys entered into a full-time evangelistic road ministry.

Since that time they've traveled to 19 states and a foreign country spreading the fires of revival. They've found that the same anointing that was on the Evangelist in November, 1992 was now on them.
God performs many signs, wonders and miracles. Many are touched by the sweet presence of Jesus and forever changed. Many are saved and recommitted back to the Lord. Many are healed and delivered.
In November, 1997, God incremented Crystal's ministry with the gift of working of miracles and an increase in the gifts of healing. Many have been instantly healed and delivered by God's power as they come in faith to receive. One minister commented that he'd seen more miracles in one month than he'd seen in his whole eight years of ministry.

At the end of 1998, God spoke to Crystal's heart saying there would be a turn in the ministry and many, many, more souls would be won to the Kingdom of God. In 1998, God spoke to Crystal's husband that they were to go "off" the road to bring 'stability' to their two teenage children. They were off the road for 7 years. During this 7 year 'wilderness', God brought Walter and Crystal closer to Him. Crystal served as an assistant pastor for 5 of those years in their local church and also assisted in Sunday school and outreach activities.

In July 2005, Crystal went to Utah to help win souls in an outreach being held there. During one of the afternoon park outreach events, Crystal began to cry uncontrollably. In her heart she said, "This is what I want to do with the rest of my life!" After more prayer, Crystal knew this to be the working of the Lord in her heart and she resigned her job and re-entered full-time ministry in September, 2005.
In January 2006, God spoke to Crystal that the year 2006 would be a year of destiny. It would be a year of the fulfillment of things promised in the past. In March 2006, Crystal's husband, Walter, resigned his job and joined Crystal in the full-time road ministry. Since that time they've been to Michigan, Ohio, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Alaska.

Walter and Crystal are RUNNING to do the will of the Lord. God is getting ready to do something very big in this nation. He has given Walter and Crystal a mandate in this hour. Their current assignment is three-fold: (1) Fan the flames of revival and awaken the saints to their responsibility to win the lost; (2) Train believers to win the lost and take them to the streets to do just that; (3) Minister healing and deliverance to a sick, hurting, and dying humanity.

Truly God's glory shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. The world will see and know that He is God as God's people begin to rise up and take their place.