Anchorage, AK 04-12

Anchorage Moravian Church
Anchorage, Alaska
4/15/12 - 4/17/12


One of the singing groups!

Different groups came forward and either praised, worshipped, or testified of God’s goodness. There is a multicultural congregation with people from different tribes visiting from all over the state. 

Our message tonight was taken from Luke 3, where Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan.  God spoke from heaven and said, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”  Immediately after this, Jesus was sent by the Spirit into the wilderness.  We talked about how the enemy tries to rob us of our identity.  God spoke from heaven saying who Jesus was, yet the devil came to Jesus questioning His identity by saying, “If you are the Son of God….”

We talked about how to hold onto the things God gives you.  Jesus went into the wilderness full of the Spirit but He came out of the wilderness in the power of the Spirit. Jesus didn’t allow the enemy to steal from Him.

We also talked about healing and encouraged people to believe. The power of God began to fall all over the room and many people were healed.

 ■One lady had neck and arm pain. As the power of God fell on her the pain began to leave her body and she was becoming more limber.  
■One man’s back was instantly healed. He said he believed that God would heal his eye too.  We prayed for his eye.  After prayer, he could see out of his right eye that had been blind.
■Yay Jesus! A lady with back for over 4 years was healed. Nearly all the pain was gone!
■A lady with neck and back pain was completely healed. No more pain!
■One woman testified that an evil spirit was rebuked off of her soul.
■A man was healed of high blood pressure.  The headache was gone.
■A woman thank God for healing her eye.
■A man with constant pain in the back of his head was instantly healed.  All of the pain left. He can move his head a lot easier.
We also had believers gather around people still needing prayer and pray for them.  After prayer, hands went up all over the room indicating that they were healed.  It was an awesome first night!  Can’t wait to see what God is going to do tomorrow!!


...as God's power began to fall...

Many came forward who were instantly healed.

His blind eye was opened!


Wonderful meeting at Anchorage Moravian Church tonight.  Many salvations and healings. God gave words of knowledge that people with ringing in the ears, migraine headaches, back problems, sugar diabetes and problems with lucidity were being healed. Many felt the healing warmth of God's power as He was healing them. Several deaf ears popped open too! Thank you Lord for all you've done here and we know that you always save the best for last!!!!





Our last night at Anchorage Moravian Church was awesome! We continued our teaching from Luke 4. The Lord exhorted his saints to reach out to those around them with the healing, loving power of God. Many more gave/recommitted their lives to Christ tonight. Many also received a fresh touch from heaven for the work that lies at hand as I and the pastors that were present laid hands upon them.

Thank you so much Pastor Nicholson for allowing us to minister to your flock. It was truly a blessing! We love you guys!