Delta Jct, AK - 03/12

3/10/12 - School of Supernatural Evangelism

Tonight we talked about Evangelists and those who evangelize.  There is a common misconception that Evangelists are the only ones who have the responsibility to win souls.  Not true!  Every believer is called to spread the Great Commission.

An evangelist is not only one who evangelizes but they are called to help equip the saints for the work of the ministry.  A true evangelist will often move in signs, wonders, and miracles but these gifts are not intended for the evangelist alone!

Evangelizing for a believer should be normal outflow of an inward commitment. As we make that inward commitment to Jesus to give out, the Holy Spirit will help us to keep that commitment.  When the Holy Spirit works in and through us, it will cause people around us to have an encounter with Jesus.

We also talked about the lives of two modern cutting edge evangelists:  Reinhard Bonnke and Carlos Anacondia.  Much can be learned from their lives and commitment.

We are Christ’s body on earth and we have been sent to plunder hell and populate heaven!