Northway, AK 09-12

Northway Church of God
Northway, Alaska

It was great being back in Northway again.  We so enjoyed the fellowship with Pastors Tom and Jean Teasdale.

Sunday a.m. 9/23/12

Our message for the first service was from Luke 4.  We talked about not allowing the enemy to steal your identity from you.  We are sons and daughters of the Living God.  God has called us to walk in the fullness of His power and not allow the enemy to steal, kill, or destroy anything having to do with us.

After our message, one of our ministry team members, Phebe, got up and shared a testimony.  We then also prayed for the sick.  One member of the congregations said that while the sermon was being preached, she found that she could turn her head in each direction without pain. She had been experiencing pain and limited mobility before. But now all the pain was gone. 

We also prayed with several in the congregation.  One man, who was born with a limp, noticed improvement in his condition. He was walking noticeably faster with less effort.  Pastor Jean got prayer for healing from rheumatoid arthritis.  After prayer, she noticed that the numbness had gone from her hands. Also when sitting down, she noticed that the pain was gone! We also prayed for Pastor Tom.  He noticed that the pain was gone from his hands. He also felt a wave of God’s power go through him.  We also prayed and prophesied over several in the congregation and brought the encouragement of the Lord to them.

Sunday p.m. 9/23/12

Tonight we continued our message on knowing your identity in Christ. We talked about knowing your purpose. We went to Luke 4:18-19 where Jesus said,

”The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”

We began to exhort people to not allow the enemy to steal anything from them. We also talked about how to hold onto your healing.  After the message, Phebe shared a testimony on prosperity and how God blessed her financially. She encouraged the people that it’s possible for all of us to be blessed.  We also prayed over several of the young people that were present.  We broke the power of the enemy over their lives and claimed blessings and increase.  We also prayed over others that wanted a fresh touch from heaven.  There was a sweet presence of the Lord in the meetings tonight.  We thank God for all He’s done and all He’s going to do.  We have one more service tomorrow night. We’re expecting that God always saves the best for last. We are praying that new people will come in and experience the presence and touch of God.


Monday, 9/24/12

Our last night here in Northway and God did save the best for last!  One of our team members, Donna, shared several testimonies about her life.  Some of the things she talked about were how the Lord protected her from bitterness when her father died and her mother re-married her new father, who was an alcoholic. She also shared how the Lord helped her through the death of her younger sister and brother. In the midst of her hard times and lowest points in life, God always showed her the beauty in people and for that she is thankful.

I concluded my message in Luke 4.  Miracles were the norm for Jesus everyday.  He walked naturally in the supernatural always doing what He saw His Father doing.  As Jesus walked in Father’s footsteps there was protection and there was blessing everywhere He went.

One of the greatest miracles happened tonight.  Phebe led a young teenager to the Lord!  Also another miracle happened.  We had been praying for God to send new people.  After the service was over, a young man wandered into the church.  He didn’t know why he came but we did.  Even though he had been drinking, we knew that the Spirit of the Lord could work in his heart.  We all talked with him and encouraged him and eventually he gave his life to the Lord!  We also prayed God’s fire on him and God began to touch him with His presence.  After the service we went to his grandma’s house (where he was staying) and blessed it.  God is SO good. 

Pastor Tom and Jean, it was wonderful being with you!  Thank you again for the wonderful hospitality and love you’ve given us.  We look forward to being with you again soon as the Lord allows!