Tanacross 04-12

Tanacross, Alaska

A good time had by all at the adult Bible study!

Children’s Church

We had a good time with the children. We continued teaching on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  This week, we taught on the gift of faith and talked about Daniel in the lion’s den. Daniel had coworkers that were jealous of him. They went to the King and caused a law to be passed that said it was illegal to pray to Daniel’s God.  Daniel was a man of prayer and not of fear.  He just kept praying and obeying God even though the king made a law against it.  When his coworkers saw that he was still praying to God, they told the king and got Daniel arrested.  Daniel had faith that God would vindicate him.

When they said they’d throw him into the lions den, Daniel had no fear or intimation. He had faith in God. They threw him into the lions den and the lions did not eat up Daniel because of the gift of faith in operation at the time.  Usually the gift of faith operates when you need a really big miracle.  Heidi Baker in Mozambique operates in the gift of faith for multiplying food for the homeless children she ministers to.  God will give the gift of faith when we really need it!

Bible Study

After children’s church, we had our 2nd adult Bible study.  Three people came.  Pastor Lyubov ministered in music.  We shared from Luke 4 about the identity that we have as God’s creation and the identity we have in Christ. The enemy is always there to try to steal our identity.  He tried to steal it from Jesus when He was baptized in the river Jordan and when He went into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. One of the things the enemy tempted Jesus with was “If you are the Son of God…”  The enemy is still doing it today.  He is still trying to steal our identity and put doubts in our minds about the reality of God’s love for us and His redemption.  We need to stand firm and hold onto what God gives us.  We need to cling to God and give Him our life.

After the message, we prayed for one another.  We also had a wonderful time of fellowship over food.  It was a very good time.  We are rejoicing in all the things God is doing in Tanacross.  There are many things that we can’t see but God is working on the inside and we will see it on the outside.