Tanacross 09-12

Village of Tanacross, Alaska

For over a year and a half now we have been going weekly into this village.  We believe that God is doing awesome things every time we step foot on the soil and pray for people and minister to the children.  Following is a report from one of the ministry times we've had there this month.


We had a great time of ministry today.  With the children we talked about the importance of prayer.  When unexpected things happen, pray like the church prayed for Peter when he was arrested.  An angel came into the prison at night and released Peter and led him to safety.  God can do anything if we only believe.  We had awesome times of worship and prayer today and I believe that if all of us could have the heart of a child we'd all see greater answers to prayer!

We were blessed today to have a new volunteer helping us with the children.  God had spoken to Donna's heart to come and help us.  She is a seasoned children's minister and has such love for the children.  I think she'll be a great addition! 

Our Christian Seven Step Class went well with a few people attending.  We rejoice for those ones that God is sending.  As we read the principles and the scriptures that go along with them I know that God is doing a work in all of our hearts.  If you live in or near Tanacross and haven't been to a class yet why not come and check it out?  Saturdays a 3:30 - Community Center.

I also got the opportunity to pray for several young men and an older man in the village.  I praise God for all that He's doing in the hearts in Tanacross.  God is working.  Lives are changing.  Things are happening.  Yay God!

                                                                     Teaching Time!