Tanacross 10-12

Tanacross Alaska Outreach

Weekly ministry is continuing here. We are gearing up for our Christmas party and have started raising funds so that each child can have a "nice" present for Christmas.  Donations are coming in from all over the country and we praise God for HIS faithfulness!!

I also recently learned that a small ministry team is coming from Hawaii bringing gifts to bless the children.  How good is our God!!!

We have consistently had a lot of the younger ones starting to attend from the ages of 4 - 6 and we are so grateful for our new Preschool teacher - Donna Dennis - who is doing an outstanding job teaching the little ones.  It's such a joy to see them happy to come to church.  I'll never forget the first few times they came.  When the praise and worship music started they ALL started to dance.  The older ones were kinda looking in surprise.  It was NATURAL for the little ones!

We all need to become more and more like children the older we become in the Lord.  No one can enter into the kingdom unless he becomes as a little child.  Help us Lord to be more like children!

After children's church, we usually visit with any adults that will come down to the center while we're there.  Recently, a young man came in wanting prayer.  He was drunk.  We prayed with him. God's power began to fall on him and he began to cry.  He gave his life to Jesus, stayed awhile and then left.  We KNOW that God has planted marvelous seeds in his heart and change is coming!!

We also will ask Father what He's doing in the village that day and will go and visit and pray for those whom Father instructs.  I am constantly reminded of the saying "despise not small beginnings".  Our beginnings may be small but I believe there's going to be a GREAT impact for the Kingdom of God!  Yay God!