Tanacross/Tok, AK 06-12

Tanacross, Alaska

Yay! It was movie day today for Children's Church.  We showed an adventure video from Superbook.  These videos are so cool because they are very modern and anointed of God.  We thank God for CBN and this leg of their ministry.  Many young lives are being touched and changed through these DVDs.

We continued our teaching in the Book of John for the adult Bible study.  We praise God that every week someone has come to receive God's engrafted Words of life.  God's Words are life to us and health to all of our flesh and it can bring change in our lives.  I believe it is bringing change.  So many things are hard to change on our own. But when we are filled with the truth of God's Word, change can come so much easier.  Many thanks to Pastor Lyubov for her music ministry and Vera and Pastor Lyubov for the wonderful meals they've been preparing.  Many thanks also to my precious sister Angela, who came and helped us with the children and shared her awesome testimony with the adults.  Many were touched and encouraged by the wonderful things God has done through her life.  God has brought her life from rock bottom into a victorious life in Jesus!

 Thank you Jesus for all you did today!  We are so grateful for your presence and for all you're doing in Tanacross.

Tanacross/Tok, Alaska

Today we were blessed to have Pastor Kent and Jody and Vicky join us from Delta Junction. Our regulars - Pastor Lyubov and Vera were also there.  My friend Katey also brought a young man named Ian.  He just arrived in Alaska two days ago in obedience to the Lord and is traveling as the Lord leads to minister to those God wants him to minister to.  He used to be a professional football player but God dealt with his heart to give it all up and serve Him.  Oh what God can do with those who are willing to give all for Him!  Ian was a blessing in helping us with the children and in ministering in song.  Yay God!

We continued teaching from our new curriculum which emphasizes intimacy with God. We talked about the fact that God wants us to have a closer walk with Him.  We talked about the river of God and how it symbolizes intimacy with God.  Our memory verse for today was from 2 Chronicles 7:14,  "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." It was an awesome time as we did different activities that confirmed the teaching.

Several showed up for the adult Bible study.  One new man came for the first time and although he left during the praise and worship, I believe that God touched his heart.  We continued our teaching in the Book of John and talked about the fact that God has a destiny for every person born into this earth. God declared what John the Baptist would do and be before he was born. The same for Jesus.  God also spoke concerning the prophet Jeremiah and said, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”  God had their lives all planned out and He's planned our lives too!  As we side with God and follow Him, the destiny for our lives will be fulfilled.

After the message, we had a time of prayer, a fellowship meal, and had a great time.

We then headed onto Tok to have our second School of Supernatural Evangelism class. We taught on the "Core Values of Evangelism".  It was an awesome time.  After the message, the Lord said to have a time of impartation.  Those of us from Delta Junction laid hands on and ministered impartations to each person.  Many were greatly touched!

After our class, we went to pray for a Pastor's wife and a friend's dog that had paralysis in its back legs.  The important thing about prayer is to do it in faith and leave the results to God.

I am so excited about all the new people that came to help us today. I'm also excited for those that will help while I'm gone to the lower 48 for a minister's conference and ministry in a few weeks.  I know that everything will be in good hands and that my awesome God will be with each and every one that comes to help.  Thank you Jesus!


Our ministry team for this week!

Vera and Marilyn


Today was a different kind of day for us in the village.  When we got here, there was a sign up indicating that there was going to be a Vacation Bible School.  Every year, people from the lower 48 come to Tanacross to minister to the children and the community.  It’s a highlight for the children and many in the village.

We didn’t want to conflict with what they were doing so we cancelled children’s church and Bible study for today and just went around and visited and prayed with some people. 

The funny thing is that we began to accumulate children everywhere we went.  Eventually, Pastor Kent’s vehicle and my vehicle were full of children that just wanted to tag along with us as we visited some of the adults in the village.

This was pretty cool because the children became part of the prayer team and helped us pray for people.  Eventually we ended up at the playground where we gave away some candy and some gifts. Then we dropped the children off at the community center just in time for vacation Bible School.

Today we also introduced the parents to some of the new people on our team that will be running things while I’m traveling in the lower 48 and June and July.  I praise God for Pastor Lyubov, Vera, Angela, Pastor Kent and Jody, Vicky, and Phebe.  God has supernaturally put us all together for such a time as this and I believe we are going to reap GREAT harvest for the kingdom of God in the days to come!  Yay God!