Tanacross, AK - 01/12

Tanacross, Alaska

snow and ice covered roads

This time of year the roads are basically snow and ice covered all the way in and all the way back.  It's pretty much taking us over 2 hours to get there but praise the Lord, that's a small price to pay to preach the Gospel!

There were no children to be found today for children's church! Kinda unusual but somehow I had a feeling that God wanted it to be a day that we ministered to the adults in the village.  After praying, we visited one home and God wonderfully touched this brother and sister and they both recommited their lives back to the Lord. Yay!  We met another man on the street and prayed for him.  He was a relative of the young man that died recently.  After prayer he said, "You know, I think I'm going to go to church tomorrow".  Yay God!  There's a Lutheran pastor that drives from Delta Junction (where I live) every week to hold church there.  God bless the Lutherans! 

After stopping at a few more homes, the Lord said to go to the laundromat.  We usually stop there anyway to post our latest 'mini' sermon on the board.  As we were driving up, a man was walking into the laundromat.  In short, we had church in the laundromat!  His back, neck and knees got healed and we got to singing and worshipping the Lord.  God also gave him a few prophetic words that greatly encouraged him. 

Thanks Lord!  Every week is different but it's always an adventure with you!

Today it was extremely cold outside. Temperatures have dropped to 33 below and some of the tires on my car were nearly completely deflated.  That’s what happens when things get colder, air contracts.  I wasn’t comfortable with taking my car, so one of my new friends, Phoebe, offered to drive her vehicle.  So off we went!

We got to Tanacross just in time.  It was a little warmer there, only 20 below.  Four children were getting ready to take off and go snow machining.  They met us at the Community Center, where we have kid's church, along with another parent who brought his two little ones.

We taught about the revelation gifts of the spirit today:  Word of wisdom, word of knowledge, and discerning of spirits.  I am so excited about the children learning more about the Spirit of God.  The enemy has been opposing but the war has already been won.  These children are going to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and His glory!

After the children’s meeting, we were able to minister to the Father who had attended with his children.  God gave a word of knowledge that He was healing him from pain in his body that he experienced when awakening every morning.  God also ministered to him prophetically.  He was so glad that he came and thanked us for being there!

After children’s church, we visited one woman and prayed for her complete total recovery from the flu.  We also prayed a blessing over her home and her children. Thank you Jesus!

We didn’t get to do more visiting in Tanacross today because we had to rush off to conduct our monthly healing meeting in Tok. 

The cold temperatures around our area have been hanging on however, a warming trend has occurred.  Temperatures were only around 30 below today as we headed out!

When we arrived in the village, several parents asked me if we were having children’s church today! They brought their children to meet us at the community hall and another grandparent went out and gathered other children to come also. We had eleven children today ranging from 4 years old to twelve.  It was pretty challenging trying to keep everyone engaged!  Praise God for His grace! 

We talked again on the gifts of the Spirit teaching the children that God has equipment He’s given us to live a successful Christian life. A high point for the children are the games that we play.  Today we played a review game with Peanut butter, jelly and bread.  The team that could throw together and bite into a sandwich the fastest got to answer the review question!  Everyone really had fun with that.

I thank God for His Word that is able to build us up and keep us from falling! God’s Word is enough to transform and change all of our lives.  Thank you Lord for what your Word is doing in the lives of people in Tanacross.

After the children’s ministry we visited a few homes. The power of God wonderfully came and touched and blessed His people.  Thank you Lord for being SO present in Tanacross.  May your glory cover Tanacross as the waters cover the sea in Jesus name!   

It truly was too cold for us to head out to Tanacross today.  Temperatures were in the 40's "below zero" here in Delta Junction and even colder near Tanacross.  When it gets 40-50 below, it gets dangerous to drive because steering wheels and breaks can freeze up when driving long distances. We experienced this as we drove into Fairbanks to fly out this weekend.
My heart truly wanted to be in Tanacross and we are continuing in prayer for this village. My heart has been so knitted to Tanacross and there's great disapointment when we can't make it. 
However, there's no limitations with God and I know that the Holy Spirit is moving in Tanacross in might and power.  Thank you Lord that your glory shall cover Tanacross as the waters cover the sea!!!