Tanacross, AK - 03/12


Dog Sled Races in Tanacraoss

Sometimes when we come into the village other village wide activities have already been planned.  Today was one of those days.  A dog race was running right through the heart of the village!  We cancelled children's church and participated in the village activities.

Adults  from surrounding villages were also there and we had the opportunity to pray with several of them for healing.   We also got a chance to meet some of the children from other villages and had a toy give-a-way for children that could tell us something good about God. 

Needless to say, a good time was had by all!  We even got a front row seat for the races and got to see the dogs coming through the heart of the village!


Well today mostl of the children's church hit the slopes of the local sled hil in Tok, Alaskal.  It was a bit cold out -- about 10 degrees. But that didin't deter the children.  They were determined to have a good time and a good time they had!  I even got brave enough to go do the hill, but I was done after getting a face full of snow in 10 degree weather!

Today was movie Saturday!   The children always look forward to this because it's when we have rootbeer floats and popcorn!  Yum!  We have joined the CBN  Superbook Club and look forward every month to the high quality scriptural Bible teachings they send us in cartoon form.

This months video was "The Test" and it talked about how God told Abraham that his seed would be as the stars of the heaven.  Abraham believed God for many years until this started to happen.  His son Isaac was born who was the beginning of the promise.  However, God tested Abraham in this promise.  Was he willing to give up his son, the promised seed through whom generations to come would flow?  Abraham passed the test.  He was willing to give up his son. But last minute God told Abraham not to go through with it and he provided a ram in the bush for the sacrifice.

Abraham was willing to do what God actually did.  He gave his only begotten Son to die on the cross for the sins of the whole world.  What a price has been paid for our redemption! 


 We are continuing our teaching on the Holy Spirit.  Today was talked about the gifts of healings. It is one of the nine gifts of the Spirit.  This is a gift that allows a believer to pray for the sick and see them healed.  It's called gifts of healings because there's a gift for each sickness and disease known or unknown to mankind. 

Jesus had all of the gifts of the Spirit including the gifts of healing. Sickness and disease oppresses and it comes from the devil but God has provided a gift that will bring healing every time!  The Bible says that we as believers can pray for this gift and others.  As we give all of our lives and heart to God, God will bless us with gifts like these to help others.

We are so grateful for the children that God is bringing us for Children’s church. I believe that God’s Word shall not return void.  It is going into their little hearts and bringing change on the inside.  Yay God!  Use you children to do mighty works for you in the days to come!

After Children's Church, we visited a few homes.  As we were praying with one of the elders, the Lord gave a word of knowledge that his heart was being healed.  When I said that, he felt the power of God grab his heart.  He knows that he is healed.  Yay Jesus!

It was a great day today.  In children’s church, we taught about the gift of “Working of Miracles”.  Sometimes people get into impossible situations and they need a miracle.  God is willing to do it! A miracle bypasses the laws of nature and it happens pretty much instantly.  Some miracles that Jesus did were walking on water, turning water into wine, coin in the fish’s mouth.  God wants to give believers all nine gifts of the Spirit as they are needed and this includes the working of miracles!

After the class we prayed for Kobe’s eyes to be healed. He had a problem of seeing things from a distant.  All of the children gathered around and layed their hands on him and prayed.  He was healed! He can now see from a distance perfectly!

We’re excited about a new development in Tanacross:  an adult Bible study.  Three people from the village came today, including two elders.  Pastor Lyubov ministered in music. Lee Henry, from Tanacross,  taught on prophetic signs of the times. After the teaching we all gathered together and prayed for each one.  Fellowship and food followed after. It was a great time of encouragement and a great time of being built up in the Word. 

Thank you Lord for all you are doing in Tanacross today and in the days to come!