Tanacross, AK 08-12

Tanacross, Alaska - 08/12

We are continuing our weekly ministry to the children and adults inTanacross.  God has spoken to my heart to start a Christian Seven Step Program for Alcohol and Drug Recovery for the adults. This program is basically a Christian version of the AA - Seven Step Program.  It was written by a man who is now a Pastor who used to be a heroine addict.  Since, they've been doing the program, many have been helped and some that have gone through the program are now running classes of their own.   

Since we've started this class, we've had four attend.  We are very hopeful that God is going to do great things in the lives of addicts in this village.  We are also interceding in prayer for every addict to be set free and serving God. I know that God can do it, if we can believe.  Please agree with us to see a breakthrough in this village.  For such a time as this has Father brought us here and a great harvest we will reap!!

Children's Church Picnic