Tetlin, AK 08-12


It was awesome in Tetlin last night!  All of us began to intercede and pray for Tetlin and God's power came down. We believe that God set off A-bombs in the Spirit. The enemy has been put on notice that Jesus is Lord of Tetlin! The Lord ministered to believers and encouraged them with His tangible touch. An elder received prayer for a new heart and I believe she got it! Children's church was great too. Six children showed up for our Super Book Movie Day! Yay God!


Children's church was awesome today.! Our attendance jumped to 12 today! The children were very attentive to our teaching on righteousness and how to get it by receiving Jesus. At the end of the class, all the children prayed a prayer to receive Jesus. Yay God.

Before the adult service we had an awesome meal! That fry bread with blueberries was off the chart! Many more adults came tonight. Some came with their children. All listened intently as we preached from Luke 4 - "Do You Know Your Purpose". We exhorted believers to begin to walk in the authority Father has already given them. We challenged believers to begin to reach out to someone everyday. All prayed a commitment prayer to begin to do this. Many were healed tonight as God's power came upon them. A woman with hearing problems could hear better. A man's back was healed and the pain level was dramatically reduced. Another man with bumps all over his back felt tingling all over his back after prayer and took his healing. A elder in a wheel chair felt the current of God's power shoot through her during prayer. All the numbness left her feet and her ears opened up. Yay God.

We praise God for the privilege of coming here. Tetlin shall be saved in Jesus name! The BEST is yet to come!

                                             Watching a Superbook Video

                                                                     Tetlin Believers

                                                 Our beloved Roy David and....

                                                            .....his precious wife Cora!


Last night was bittersweet because it was our last night here for awhile. God has put Tetlin in our hearts and we are praying about coming here on a monthly basis. They have no one coming in to feed them on a regular basis.

Again we had an awesome Children's Church. We learned that if you walk the way of sin you can become a slave to it. Jesus came to set us free from the power of sin. Praise the Lord! The children intently watched the Willie George videos that re-emphasized the lesson. The highpoint of our time together was the review game where they had to sit on a balloon to bust it then rush to gobble down a twinkle before being able to answer the question. Lots of fun!

For the evening service we had a gathering of mostly elders in the village. All of them are very hungry for the presence of the Lord and the Word of God. We exhorted them to let God's light and glory pour through them to the hurting people around them. That's God's plan....for His kingdom to come, His will to be done there in Tetlin through the believers. God is raising up an army and the enemy has been put on notice. Tetlin shall be saved in Jesus' name. For ministry time God had the little children pray for their elders. Several noticed instant freedom from pain after they prayed! Yay God!

We long for and look forward to when we can come back! Thank you Lord for the privilege of going to Tetlin. We love you and we love your people in this place!

                                                              Game time in kid's church!

                                                    Pastor Lyubov with the children!