Tetlin, AK 10-12

Children and Adult Bible Study
Tetlin, Alaska

This was our first monthly service in Tetlin.  We are so blessed to be able to come and minister here. They have no regular church in this village. So until God sends a Pastor or raises up one, we'll be going in monthly.

For our first children's service we had 20 children!  Wow! We even had a few young teenagers. We had a great time of praise and worship, teaching, crafts, and games!  All in all, everyone had a good time and can't wait til we come back in November. 

After the children's meeting, we had a Bible Study with four believers from the village.  The Lord wonderfully encouraged and refreshed His servants.  We ended our time together by praying God's anointing and power over each one.  We pray that God's power will begin to multiply and flow through His believers here and that many will come to the Lord in the days to come.

Thank you Jesus for the privilege of preaching your Gospel in Tetlin, Alaska!