Tok AK - 03/12

"Jesus Still Heals" - Healing Meeting

Every meeting here at the Senior Center is different with different people showing up nearly everytime.  Today we had our foundational group:  Those who have been at nearly every meeting in the past. 

Several gave awesome testimonies of which I'd like to share here.  One precious sister shared that she was healed in the meeting last month.  Her arm was stiff and sore from starting to play the piano again.  After prayer all the pain instantly left her arm.  Shortly after that, some days later, the same pain tried to come back on her.  She remembered our teaching about "Not Having it Back" and she quickly spoke to the source and cause of the pain. She said she wasn't having it and voila!  All the pain instantly left her body again!  What a victory!

Her husband testified of how Jesus saved him while having what he thought was another heart attack. He began to speak to his body and the symptoms saying that he was not accepting it and it had to go!  He kept doing this for about 1/2 hour until all the symptoms left his body.  He's completely fine now!  Yay Jesus! 

God's sons and daughters are starting to realize who they really are!  We are starting to rightfully take our place as sons and daughters with authority.  As we gain the revelation that the thief comes to steal but Jesus came to gave us life, we will begin to walk in the fullness of all God has for us! 

We praise God for our friends in Tok and thank Him for the privilege of having these monthly meetings.  We believe that God is raising up an army all over the earth to take back all that the enemy has stolen in the lives of God's creation.  Yay God!