Venetie, Alaska 05-12

Venetie, Alaska
5/29/12 - 5/31/12


It was so exciting to finally be going to Venetie.  My team members for this trip were Pastor Lyubov Dudik and Phebe Horschel both from Delta Junction.  Many thanks to the Christian Pilots Association for flying us in and out.  They were awesome to work with! 

We had a pretty good turnout for this first meeting.  Coming to Venetie was very special to me because I came to this same village over 16 years ago.  Several in village remember the meetings we had years ago.  So awesome!

Gary Simple began our meeting with prayer and some awesome praise and worship. We also shared a few songs that we had prepared. 

Our message tonight: “A typical day in the life of Jesus” from Mark 1.  Miraculous things always happened everywhere Jesus went.  Everywhere Jesus went, good things happened and Jesus is still doing good things today! 

After the message, God gave Phebe, Pastor Lyubov, and I words of knowledge about healing that God was doing.  Some of the words of knowledge were:

• Back problems were being healed.

• God wanted to lift heavy burdens off of people’s lives,

• There were those present who were in pain and God wanted to heal them.

Several came forward. Many noticed the tangible touch of God’s presence. One woman, who had a heavy burden in her life, felt a bolt of God’s power go through her and the heaviness lifted.  She began to praise God for her healing.  A man with knee problems asked for prayer.  A lady with a neck and back problem was instantly healed. She felt the warmth of God’s power go through her.  She had no more popping in her neck and back. Yay God!

There was a cover dish afterward.  We so enjoyed the food and the fellowship!   We thank God for being here. It’s so peaceful here. We are 50 miles north of the Arctic Circle and right below the Brooks Range.  It’s so beautiful here.  We look forward to all God is going to do here this next few days.  Thank you Jesus for the privilege of preaching your Gospel again here in Venetie!


Pastor Lyubov, Phebe, Dick (our pilot) and me

Pastor Lyubov and some of the children

Bringing the Word


Children's Church

Today we had our first children’s church meeting.  Nineteen children came from all over the village! They had an awesome time singing with Pastor Lyubov, watching our puppet show videos, and listening to a short teaching that I taught.  We prayed a general prayer of salvation and believe that many young ones gave their lives to the Lord for the first time!  Afterwards we played a game, and then the best part: snacks and prizes.

Evening Service

Again tonight was awesome praise and worship with Gary Simple and our team.  I shared from John 1 about the fact that receiving Jesus is just the “beginning” of an awesome relationship with God.  I shared my testimony of how I came to the Lord.

We also shared an awesome promise found in John 15:7:  If you abide in me and my Words abide in you, you will ask what you will and it will be done unto you.  God is calling us all into greater intimacy and fellowship with Him in these last days. Why?  Because He wants to use us!  I also exhorted the people a bit on healing and the fact that when God heals you, you don’t have to have it back!

After the message, most of the room came forward for prayer and many were touched and healed.  During the message, nearly half of the room left to go to an elder’s house. She had fallen and from every indication had broken her hips.  After the service, we went there and were allowed to pray for Sally.  A short while after prayer, all the pain left Sally’s body and she could now move her legs without pain.  They had already called the paramedics to come and medivac her to Fairbanks so that’s what they did.  I heard from someone the next day, that they examined her at the hospital and could find nothing wrong so they discharged her.  A big thank you Jesus for healing Sally!

While we were at Sally’s, we noticed a man sitting holding his head.  He looked like he was in absolute torment.  We went over and asked him if we could pray and he allowed us to.  He was suffering from constant migraine headaches and had had this condition for years.  He received some relief as we prayed, but we had the opportunity to minister deliverance to him later that night at the health clinic.  He was set totally completely free. He gave his life to Jesus and came to service the next night. He looked like a new person! Thank you Jesus!

We also had the special honor of meeting and praying for the chief of the village, who was a believer.  God’s wisdom is going to start pouring into and out of him in great, great, measure.  For such a time as this was he born for his people.

We praise God for all that He did tonight and we look forward still to what is to come the last night of our stay here!  Thank you Jesus!

Children's church at our mission house

Phebe helping with praise and worship...

...and crafts

Gary Simple ministering in music

Jesus mended her broken hips!


Today is the day that the people of Venetie celebrate Memorial Day.  It is a tradition that the families, along with the children, go to the cemetery and help work on maintaining the graves of their loved ones.  It was nice seeing families working together doing this special activity.

Children’s Church

In spite of the holiday, five children showed up for the children’s church program.  Many came early, looking forward to what God was going to do.  Pastor Lyubov led us in singing Father Abraham, which is a song that all children just love!  After our message, we prayed with each child. It was a special time.  We also did a craft and gave away Superbook videos and cool prizes.  We thank God for the privilege of ministering to his little ones. They are so special! 

Evening Service

Tonight Phebe shared some of her testimony and Pastor Lyubov exhorted the people.  I also shared for a short time on having faith in God.  Jesus said that God will even move mountains if you will believe! 

After the message we prayed for several people.  A woman with arthritis was healed.  A little baby with digestive problems was prayed for and we believe that little baby was healed.  A man with mental problems was also prayed for.  Also, we prayed for a safe delivery for an expectant mother.  One woman also prayed for and received a fresh Baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Thank you so much Gary and Margo for allowing us to come.  It was a special privlege being with you and a blessing!  Thanks for the open invitation to come back! We look forward to being with you all again as the Lord allows!

The children LOVED Phebe!

Me and Eunice. I stayed with her over 15 years ago

Phebe giving her testimony

Pastor Lyubov bringing a Word

Free from migraines!

Pastor Lyubov and Pastor Margo

He came every night...God healed his knees!