Wasilla, AK 04-12

Abundant Life Church
Wasilla, Alaska

Our message, "Do you know who you are?"  The Lord encouraged His people to get a grasp of the power and authority they have as believers.  He also encouraged them to begin to step out in it. Several words of knowledge came forth that God was healing people with pain, migraine headaches, back problems, incurable diseases, and various other things.

People came forward and saw instant relief from pain.   Believers also came forward from the congregation and prayed and saw people instantly healed. Among them, a deaf man with hearing aids had his hearing restored.  He could now hear perfectly fine (without the hearing aids) and could even hear clearly on the cell phone. Yay God!

There was a woman who was in a wheel chair because of arthritis pain all over her body.   God's power came on her, healed her and completely set her free.  She got up and walked back and forth all over the church.  Her daughter started crying because she hadn't seen her mother walk like that in seven years! 

We also prayed for a little boy with cerebral palsy and we saw some improvement in his walking.  We believe that God has begun the work on the inside and he will see it on the outside.

Thank you Lord for all that you've done.  Thank you Pastor Rick for allowing us to be with you and your precious congregation.  It was an honor and a privilege and we thank God for you!


Word of Faith Assembly
Wasilla, Alaska

Our message came from John 15 - "Fruitfulness Flows from Intimacy with God".  Jesus only did what He saw His Father do and Father showed him everything He was doing.  In the natural, when surgery is done for a heart transplant, there are two hearts that have different beats. However when they touch, they suddenly have one beat.  As we get intimate with God we will begin to have His heart.  Whatever we ask in His name He will do it because our heart's desire will have been born out of His desire.

After the message we prayed for the sick.  There was a word of knowledge for those that were in pain. Pain instantly left many people's bodies.  We also prayed for a little baby with gastric problems. We thank God that His power went into that little one and brought healing.  In addition, several came forward for healing in their eyes and noticed much improvement.  The Lord directed that we also lay hands on all the children. This was a special time.

Many thanks to you Pastor Steve and Tonia!  It was so good to see you all and be with you again.  We are excited about what God is doing in Alaska and count it a privilege to be a co-worker with God and with you in all that God is going to do in this state.  The BEST is yet to come!